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To assist the corporate world and individuals in their quest for optimal productivity in the field of IT infrastructure Management, i-Source has launched its learning division which is a major part of its corporate training initiative. i-Sources training programs have been developed keeping in mind the expectation of the IT corporate world.

The programs are developed for all levels of human resource and help in assisting them in their daily work.

Get trained in technology

If you're a fresher with 0 to 6 months of experience, you receive intensive training in core technologies, so you perform on par with project requirements. The duration of training could vary, depending on your skill level.

Enhance your skills

You have every opportunity to upgrade your Technology, Behavioural, and Domain skills. We provide you with all the necessary training.

Choose your mode of learning

You have a variety of learning methods to choose from—classroom training, self-study, computer-based training (CBT). And of course, you can always exchange a wealth of information through debates and discussions with mentors and colleagues!

Today, i-Source is the learning partner of a number of MNC’s and individuals. It is well prepared to assist the individual and/or the organization in its quest for continuous improvement in the IT infrastructure world. This happens by providing informed, instructive, and authoritative programs to all those interested.

Some of the Programs are:

         1) IT Infrastructure Management
         2) Program in SCCM 2012
         3) Programs in ITIL
         4) Networking and Infrastructure management.

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