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The call center is a structure that is for the corporations to communicate with customers by advanced communication technology. It realizes customer services, sales and market deployment by telephone, Email, Web, VoIP and so on.

A competitive Call Center Industry needs a cost effective but efficient and quality solutions to manage both inbound and outbound calls with features of industry leading products.

Identifying the need for such cost effective solution, i-Source has developed a customized solution based on Open Source platform VCDial.

IP Call Center is developed based on Open Source software applications and technology. Integrated with the technologies of communication network, computer network and the information area; The call center becomes a comprehensive information service system combined with corporations.

The call center can provide various services for users with qualified, efficient and comprehensive features to reduce the cost and increase the benefit.

The parts of the Call Center include automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) system, database, management platform, IP Soft phones and so on.