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“Remote Infrastructure Management Services –iPro”

Organizations have pressing need to stay competitive by reducing costs and downtime.

i-Source helps clients gain value from remote infrastructure management (RIM) engagements through its Remote Infrastructure Management platform “iPro”. By providing 24/7 RIM services, we enable organizations to gain higher growth and productivity, increased service levels for end customers, and improved client delivery through the proactive management of their IT Infrastructure.

i-Source provide integrated business solutions for monitoring, managing, and securing critical networks, servers, databases, and applications across a wide range of technology platforms through its Global Command Center. Our RIM services act as a single source and cater to a wide range of IT Infrastructure needs, delivering tangible and continuous business value using industry standard process based framework.

Proactive Monitoring (FCAPS) –@ our state of Art Command center, with 24 x 7 X 365 real time monitoring of IT assets (Servers, Storage, Networks, Security boxes, Databases and Application), Alert, Escalations and real time status to identify any potential threats and fixing them before it causes disruption. Improves the first call resolution and helps for root cause analysis.

Resolution Management – Troubleshoot, diagnose for quick resolution – Local/Remote.

Value Proposition

  • Improved IT Infrastructure uptime and productivity
  • Simplified operations management & Focus on core competencies
  • Transparency and control
  • Better Return On IT Investment
  • Industry best practices & quality
  • Cost Efficiency: Drive down the IT Infrastructure cost by as much as 40%
  • Proactive problem identification and Pre-emptive problem resolution

Desktop Services - Basic

  • OS installation, Security & Patch management
  • OS upgrades
  • Antivirus installation, patch management
  • Issue fixing and troubleshooting

Desktop Hardware Management Services

  • Identifying and locating hardware issue
  • Vendor management
  • Desktop performance

Desktop Application Management Services

  • MS Office installation and configuration
  • Patch management
  • Application upgrades

Server Management Services - Basic

  • OS installation, security & patch management
  • OS upgrades
  • Antivirus installation, patch management
  • User management
  • Ongoing backups/restore activities
  • Issue fixing and troubleshooting

Server Hardware Management Services

  • OS installation, security & patch management
  • Vendor management
  • Server performance

Advanced Server Management Services

  • Active Directory installation and configuration
  • Migration of servers from one service provider to another

Other server management services

  • Installation and configuration of DNS, DHCP, RAS, Mail servers, Database Servers, Web Servers and Print/File Servers
  • Version upgrades of server applications

Basic Services

  • Monitoring network traffic, performance and uptime (LAN/WAN)
  • Resolving network performance issues

Advanced Network Services

  • Installation & configuration of WAN links
  • Installation and configuration of Routers, Switches, UTMs/ Firewalls and other network devices.
  • Policy implementation and management for UTMs, Routers and other network

Our Network experts evaluate and manage network within the context of current and future business requirements and keep the infrastructure serving business needs effectively. The network uptime and performance is paramount to the business delivery. Our network architects design and implement networks to provide redundancy, resilience, quality of service and efficiency at Core, Aggregation and Access layer.


  • Design, Architect, Implement and configure
  • Network Optimization
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Problem detection, resolution, notification and reporting
  • Network Device lifecycle support


  • Improved network availability more than 99.5%
  • Effective utilization of devices – improved ROI
  • Business continuity
  • Optimized performance leading optimized investment