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IT security has never been more important. Today’s threats are more aggressive and sophisticated, and change rapidly, with new techniques of attack. The introduction of new access channels, such as remote and mobile devices, have made the task of securing the IT assets and networks more challenging. i-Source has over 14 years of experience dealing with organization’s security needs, implementation challenges, management efforts and incident handling.

i-Source provides security lifecycle solutions starting Security assessments, policy design and implementations, security management including disaster management.

Based on the threat assessment i-Source offers various security solutions appropriate to the business needs including:



The SOC stack includes

  • Security Big Data – Forensic Analysis, Log Management, Problem analytics
  • SIEM – Adaptive SIEM monitors all logs from all devices IPS/IDS/Netflow/HDS and provide security threat analysis, Asset discovery and management and vulnerability and risk management
  • IDM – Manages identity & access based on the roles, authorization and correlation rules and offers Single sign on, provisioning/ De-provisioning and Two factor authentication
  • CASB - does the User Behavior Analytics based on user activity raising anomalous alerts resulting in protection of data and applications in real-time providing Cloud Applications Access Governance, User Activity Monitoring and Protection against data leak threats
  • PIM – Privilege account management and monitoring ensuring a protected, controlled and compliant environment for Enterprise Password Management & Vault, Session Recording for Privilege Accounts and removes local admin privileges and control applications on endpoint.
  • Security Analytics - Advanced analytics around user behaviour and other entities, such as endpoints, networks and applications.