PeopleSoft Application Managed Services

Reduce costs, free IT budgets and innovate on the edge

Solution Features:
  • Fixed fee and SLA-based PeopleSoft application management
  • Full ownership and support of customer specific application functionality
  • Full ownership and support of customer specific application functionality
  • Continuous updates, feature additions and enhancements
  • à la carte option for specific services
  • Multiple, flexible engagement model options

3C Value Proposition (Cost | Cloud | Compliance)

Lower interoperability costs by improving productivity and streamlining maintenance for an aging IT Infrastrucutre.

Future proof your applications - build cutting edge innovation on the cloud.

Free IT bandwidth and budgets for innovation

Reduce maintenance OpEx by up to 50%

Automate workflows using intelligent tools and services

Integrate BI and Analytics tools with your existing PeopleSoft instance.

Reduce operational delays and inefficiencies around tax, legal, and regulatory updates.

End to End Support


No. Of

18 +

Years Of Experience


Worldwide Customers



Case Study

Integrate, Transform and Customize PeopleSoft

The customer is the most trusted, innovative, and influential force in helping healthcare organizations providing quality patient care that is more human, more effective, and more achievable.

Reduced the PeopleSoft maintenance budget by 70-80% and decreased the actual cost by $2 mn

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